Whisky, Wine & Water, Thursday April 14, 2022

Whisky, Wine & Water, Thursday April 14, 2022

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What a trio...Whisky, Wine & Water has such a nice flow to it. This is a MYSTERY TRIP, which means, all of our visits are ‘firsts’ for Fields Trips, so no chance it is a repeat. We can tell you that there will be WHISKY, WINE and WATER as well as HIGH TEA.  The wait for winter to be gone has come early as you uncover a year-round oasis with many nooks and hidden treasures to be discovered. 

INCLUDES Motor Coach Transportation, High Tea for Lunch, Whiskey & Wine Tastings, Services of Tour Director, and All Taxes 

PRICE    $185

All travelers must be fully vaccinated, and we require a paper copy as proof upon boarding. We will take a maximum of 40 travelers on a 56-seat motorcoach.

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